this is gonna be the best day of my life.

this is
the second time i have done this, the second
time i have put on a dress and practiced
over and over in my head, i
do, i
do, i
take you, but i am waiting here in this
white dress certain you
will never come
and maybe that's the only reason i am
even here
in the first place
but then you walk through the
doors of this church, and you
are not only here, you are
so i say it.
i do.
but not before i shed this image in my
head of the perfect day opening the
door to a happy life and a
not before i am cut free of this
gown, this image of a glowing
bride walking toward promises of
a man that will stand beside her in
sickness or in
health, and i don something more
plain, more
submissive, more
quiet, less
loud, less
decisive, less
bold, less
hopeful and more
fitting for
today and all my
days until i
die by your side like i
died today

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