text me tomorrow maybe.

i want more than
speaking to you with my
body, disheveled hair and
cigarettes after
sex, naked in the
i like it when you talk out loud in general
and not just because your voice is
quite the beautiful sound, it's
the things you say, it's
the way you smile when you say them, it's
your kindness and your brilliance and your
ability to form the most
imagery with
the same english language i speak, in
hopes half as beautifully as you.
it's your laugh and the
warmth in your eyes, it's
smoking the same brand and
never wanting the night to end, it's
when you kiss me in the
middle of a sentence, it's
when you say yes ma'am, it's
the way my breath catches in my
throat when you
wrap your arms around me, it's
both our houses rebuilt and
all the things beneath the surface
yearning to be discovered.
it's wanting to
know you, deeply.

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