i walk away from
tonight with only one

that i didn't wait
until the rain slowed from from a downpour to a sprinkle as the
backdrop to the moment your
lips met
for the first time

a kiss that left me
smiling like an idiot
involuntarily but i'm not
complaining because i wasn't sure that a
kiss could make me feel like i
could forget every
thing, every
one that has ever
happened to and around and inside me, and not like it doesn't all exist and every
piece of it didn't shape me and bring me to this very occasion

but it doesn't swallow me up anymore

your fingers in my
hair, your
hand on my spine and for one
moment it's just
us and the rain and nothing
exists, not
tomorrow morning, not
the boring or mundane or
anything awful or lacking even slightly in beauty

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