i know right now we are
blinded by the
pain, but can we just
forget for a moment what's

can we just
go back to the

start over

can i just
knock down your door and say that i
love you

one last time

can i kiss you goodbye
hold you as you cry

you are the best thing.

let's close our eyes and
imagine, if you will, that
everything's okay

we're okay.



i am tired of being at
war with my
self, i am
tired of the
tension, i am



i was never one to
sit on my hands, waiting

to be rescued

smitten was a term reserved for
the beauty i rediscover in
all the boring details of
the everyday, but

then i met you

and i remember
the first time your
hand brushed mine, and i
forgot for a moment how to

before i had even learned your
name, you
touched me and i
felt it through my
entire body, you

are electric, i
am defenseless

i keep
waiting to wake up, to
realize it’s all a
dream, but you
keep showing up at my
door and i keep
waking up to you, your
voice, your
scent, you
haunt me, you
intoxicate me

i think this might be the
“love” people waste their lives
searching for

to meet someone and
know them, instantly, to
be seen, to be
swept off their
tired feet

but that’s the thing, though

my feet are still
tired, and i am still

because love
when it comes in like a
hurricane, breaking down everything you
thought you

it shakes you

in all the best ways and
all the worst

every blissful moment eventually met with
misery. see that’s the
thing about being
stretched by deep
love, it

wears you out

i mean i’m not complaining, but

when you
meet someone and they
see into your soul with a single
glance, and you couldn’t hide a
thing from them even if you
wanted to, that shit is
beautiful, sure, but
it’s also scary as fuck

to have someone
hold your heart without your

to be enchanted

it overwhelms

my life is a
fairy tale, sure, but it is no
disney movie, i am
stumbling blind in the
dark and holding onto this
feeling somewhere in my
“gut” that tells me

we will always
find our way back
to each other