this is me healing.

behind closed doors, i am still
broken and afraid and
waiting for my
next heartache, but i will
emerge, eyes wide, searching for
beauty, and it's
all around! it is in
handsome strangers in a
photo booth, old
friendships rekindled.
in kind words and
the love of those who
stuck around and will be
faithful 'til the
very end.
it is in the children's
faces and their
laughter and the
inevitable discovery of
joy in those around if i can just be
brave enough to
open up and
let them back in.



overthink, i
analyze, i
am my own tormentor and i
replay and replay and
replay these
moments in my
mind like you're a
puzzle i can
solve with enough
distant contemplation, not
a risk
a gamble
a shot in the dark

but you entice me.

the sound of your voice
your laugh
you speak and i cannot not
smile the
rest of the
day away

you are the calm to
my chaos

the smile and sigh to my
every overreaction

you are my
balance and i
am hanging on every
word you