i was turning into someone
beautiful, someone i could
stand to
look at in the
mirror and then you
were gone and i

was nothing.

i am little apart from my
vices, my
failures, my endless
shortcomings and
fondness for the

pour me a drink so i can
forget all this, just
disappear into
someone else for
a spell.

written for movaten.



the forbidden kind of
fruit is so
much sweeter, so

scandal masked by
pleasure, just
a fling, an

i want so
badly for there to be a
next time, my
body next to your
body, hands intertwined
your lips meet
mine, so

intoxicating, so

very wrong, still
feels so

saying goodbye feels so unfair

i hope i pass you on the street and i
hope you have found happiness with her and we
can look at one another with
smiles in our eyes and
on our faces, remembering the
night we shared and

walk on.

written for movaten.