sometimes dreaming of him and
flattering him and
sitting inches from him always and
telling him everything and
trusting him and
flirting and
hinting and
vulnerably adoring are
not always so

to him

sometimes flattery and
flirtation and confiding and
finding any way to be close to her and
longing for her and
flattering her and
trusting her and
waiting and
hoping and
promises that she is
remarkable and she will
find someone who
utterly adores her, are
not always so

to her

we live in our own
minds and our own hearts and we
often find ourselves wondering if we
imagined the whole thing

simple, deductive logic
muddled by

sometimes you just have to
brave it, have to
risk it, have to
kiss the girl, and
pray for a
happy ending



i keep passing myself in the
mirror, barely recognizing myself, i have
changed so much

and i guess i've grown

see, i've lived a little and i've
encountered a few troubles and i've
learned to love jesus a little

the truth, however
is that while my troubles have
not been few, they've also
not been all that

i don't know
suffering like he did or
real pain or
what it even feels like to
be alone

see, god is
faithful and he will not
let me be tempted beyond my

and i'm just now learning how
very, very small that
capacity really is