i pledge allegiance to the media.

am i proud to be an american, where
at least i know i'm free

define for me this freedom
we have fought for, these
rights we possess

are we here because of anything more than a
selfish refusal to yield to your pulpit
in our pursuit of religious freedom, we have
accomplished instead an apathy for
any and all god-based faith

define for me this happiness
we have fought for

explain to me why a country with the freedom to
pursue happiness by our own means has been
brainwashed into a materialistic, media-driven and
selfish nation, instead yielding
a miserable people

we are free to speak, and still we are
mesmerized by anyone willing to
speak for us

we could protect all that is sacred, the very
lifeblood of our own constitution, but instead we
feel disgruntled and

we are free from
unreasonable search and seizure, but we have
instead invited the circus into
our own homes via our
seventy-two inches plasma, and the
honest, trusted digital voice
speaking to our hearts through surround

free indeed.


i want to be swept off my tired feet.


world peace is for beauty queens.

we busied ourselves with our own
advancement and we failed to
care for the widow and
feed the orphans and
love the earth and now we have
fallen to pieces

we are so overwhelmed by the problem and
unsure how to fix it, our sense of
obligation diminishing as we have
forgotten that this monster is
a result of our own



she has been tried and found

hiding, indulging her fear of heartbreak,

trapped inside her own
quiet admiration and
self-fulfilling rejection

wishing she could 'unlike' people as easily as
posted items on the
world wide web, but that
anonymity and ease does not
translate to
real life

afraid to speak or
breathe or
look in his
general direction,
instead gazing intently at
her own two feet

she will never have to get hurt, never
have to let him go, never

have him at all
at this rate


old flames are
always much dimmer after
the years pass by and we
found we have
outgrown them

you're a million miles away, and i can't help but
wonder when the day will come that i'll
outgrow you

but i find myself happy here, like a
toys-r-us kid, i don't want to
grow up, i'd rather grow
into you than past
this feeling