the world is a big mess of color and
delicate arrangments of visual melody
and my small part is like a
black and white sketch in a gallery of
mixed media

if i am black and white, then you
are color

you are beautiful and vibrant and i am
simply shades of gray
i am nothing more than a xerox copy of
a classic monet or rembrant

not worthy to hang in the same hall, still...
i do

all the glory may be diminished in the
black ink's attempt to imitate the beauty and
depth of color

still you find joy in this, in my
frail attempts at purity, my selfish
attempts at goodness, and my
feeble attempts at making my life a self-portrait of
everything you embody

not only because the simple lines i draw only
accentuate your intensity, but because you honestly and
deeply appreciate my