i am lowercase.

my heart breaks to the rhythm of
soft and tired cries, of
miniature frowns and
baby falling down

i am but a small instrument in this
song of joy, of tragedy and
triumph and
of life

what once grew inside of me is
so much bigger than myself, so
infinitely beautiful, and was always so
gloriously unfathomable

i'm giddy like a 12yo aoler
typing in aLtErNaTinG CaPs, but i
am lowercase

i am simply details
the diaper changing,
food making, milk producing, laundry doing

you are innocence, the
essence of purity, you are
growing into something awe-inspiring, and you brought out
all that is beautiful in me


all of life is art.

all of life is art. it is bicycle reflectors in a tree. what was once perhaps originally intended to warn groggy drivers and cyclers has been wielded into an ever-growing & changing work of art.

art is more than a brushstroke. it is in the imagination and spontaneity that drives a person to do something unheard of. something out of character. something becoming of us and heartfelt and vulnerable and honest. it is a thing of beauty, and it's what gets me out of bed each dreary morning.

inside us all is something beautiful, something longing to be created. if we let it, it will consume us. pour out of us.

it is creating something from nothing. it is lining the walls of your house with paper so that your child can create something magical out of crayon chaos. it is the rainbow array of shirts in your color-coded closet. how you wear your makeup and hair and piece together your wardrobe. it is in the layout of your home and the decor on your walls. the way you make your bed in the morning. how you see and interpret the world around you, in your own unique fashion. it is what you breathe. it is you, and it is me. and it is waiting.

break from your routine tomorrow. be spontaneous. breathe life into the creative person inside you. and live inspired.