inspiration fail.

/lack of inspiration for
-words that fall short despite
+sincere aspirations and
+heartfelt pleas played out on my

/discontentment and manic swings and
-negativity and criticism and
-unsolicited advice regarding how
+everyone, especially myself, can
#unfail at life

/exhaustion from
@zebediahdean, the single greatest
+thing ever to happen to me

\something deeper, something
+magical. life born from mine and
+somehow still so beautiful
-in spite of me

\fascination, unending awe and
+learning to love, and
+finding a better person inside, a
+whole person, who held
+life in her womb, who
+found hope and who
+has seen beauty

+who is whole and
+inspired far beyond words, but who
+will write in valiant effort to
+share it with the #world

/ signifies the ending of something, \ the beginning. - negative aspects. + positive aspects. * a filler, and # tweet trends that i don't understand.