the powerful and ever-amazing subconscious.

i am ever-amazed by my dreams.

firstly, it amuses me that fleeing from murderous villians always in the same alley, my subconscious is uncreative.

then i watched a king defend his kingdom with might and bravery against magical beings and the like. strange winds had awakened a being that could kill you by speaking doubt into you. no one could stand against this creature. but our king banished all his beloved to the castle's dungeon, to face the thing himself.

to be continued...
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the being itself was a glorious thing to behold. his wisdom was apparent through his confidence and demeanor. his hair flowed, sparkling and glowing silver, down to his waist. fear would wake within you just from his turning in your general direction. and when he spoke, none could stand against the skepticism and evil his words inflicted. it would drive men back like a powerful wind, and their minds would fade. the body cannot survive without the mind.

our king was a brave man, with radiant red flowing hair and strength evident in his build and authoritative manner. he spoke only long enough to challenge this creature who threatened his kingdom. "i know what it is you do, but i am not here to speak to you. i am here to fight you."

the being drew its weapon. a long, black, curling, tentacled whip with a malice all its own. his weapon was alive. the king drew his jeweled sword, and the battle ensued.

every move the creature made was closely watched by the king, until finally his opportunity arose. the creature's whip had wrapped around the king's sword, but the king had held it at length, and the whip had not reached him. in a moment, the king was aware of what he must do, the risk it required, and all that was at stake. the kingdom's fate lay in his next move.

he lunged.

his sword pierced the creature's chest. the king felt a small sense of victory with this changing of the tides. but he knew this was not over yet. as quickly and forcefully as one can, the king went after the creature's weapon. once he had control of it, he knew he had to conquer not only the commander wounded before him, but the evil itself.

he drew the whip.

with every lash, he shouted with all his might, "i command the disuse of deceipt in this kingdom and the world!" his voice boomed louder and more afraid with every strike, until weakness finally shone in the being's eyes, in knowing not only of his own defeat, but the downfall of his evil. at this, the king finally let his shoulders sag, the whip's end hitting the ground with the ring of finality.

hearing an end to the commotion, the king's son and the others returned from the dungeon to see their king weary as he had ever been, kneeling next to the fallen commander, sword and whip still in hand, his chest rising and falling with deep gasps for air as he recovered from battle. the son rushed to the king, asking if he was alright, asking how in the world he did it, and if he had been afraid. to which the king replied, "terrified. but one must defend that which he loves against any attacker." with this, the king collapsed.

a hush fell over the rom, both in tribute to the brave king and solemn awareness that while we are always protected, we are not always safe. but as long as we are alive, we will fight to defend.