To Find the Cure, Find the Disease

The test came back positive

Life-eating, anger-arousing cancer
One of life's most dreaded experiences
One of those things that has no reverence toward age or wisdom
No sympathy or compassion or mercy
Just disease

Bitterness and anger cultivate in the hearts of man
For this catastrophe so uncalled for

I ponder the days prior to medicine
Before technology and "development and advancement"
When we tilled the ground with our bare hands
And threw rocks at things to set them on fire
When people worked hard for what they had
Hardly having time to take things for granted
Still finding time to do so, no doubt
As flawed a race as we

But then someone had to go an invent something
Placing convenience in the hand of a selfish race
Transforming the world we know into a machine
Virtually eliminating the need for real people
Industries functioning solely by computer
Which I find impersonal at best
See, invention is simply laziness
Disguised as innovation

So we fight honorably to find cures for disease
For the side effects of doing things with speed and ease
Cooking in the microwave and smoking cigarettes to relieve stress
Getting in the car to go right across the street
And not understanding why the o-zone is nearly diminished

For the plague that we have infected ourselves with
By taking every shortcut known to man and then some
By earnestly seeking the subliminal teachings of global advertising
"Give less, expect more"
With a blatant disregard for the teachings of Christianity
"Give more, expect less"

And to earn such things as what?
A 52" plasma TV that burns holes in our retinas if we don't sit at least 12 feet away?

And to top it all off
We find this all to be fault in Your design
This hand-woven quilt of humanity
That we're tearing apart at the seams
Because You were never that gifted a sewer

Knowing that pushing every boundary You set for us
Couldn't possibly be the cause of our tribulation

We brew with anger at You for not giving us the quick fix at our beck and call
Dodging guilt with great agility
As demonstrated and executed by the world
Thus, successfully infiltrated into the body of Christ
We cry, "Deliver us, oh God!"
All the while wondering how You tolerate such evil

Shifting the blame everywhere but the source


Forgetting Someone

If I kneel low enough, I look pretty holy
I’d rather be an inspiration than a stumbling block
Throwing away what real is the wisest thing I’ve done
To make people love me
But it seems as if I’ve forgetting someone

I raise my arms to the sky as if someone’s listening
With the smell of lust on the very hands with which I praise You
But they’re heavy
Soon I’m sitting in my chair alongside those consumed with boredom
And it seems as if I’ve forgotten someone

My shoes are uncomfortable, but I look cute
So it’s okay that I can’t dance before You
It’s okay that tears aren’t flowing from my eyes
Because I’m overwhelmed by Your love
Freed from my burdens
But it seems as if I’ve forgotten someone

I embrace my face with the palms of my hands
And one glorious sense of the five speaks to me
My fingers are fresh with the scent of adultery
But here I am to worship You, Daddy
Don’t You want to hold me closer?
Because it seems as if You’re forgetting someone

And just as my eyes begin to glisten, I feel You
My pain and my shame are lost in an abyss of forgiveness
Your strong arms are wiping away my tears
Showing me You’ve been waiting all this time
Knowing I’ve been forgetting Someone