I was standing in Your house today
And everyone’s arms were linked
And most our heads were bowed
And many eyes were closed
And several hearts were touched

When I realized...

Miracles are not defined
By phenomenal happenings
But in sight and sound and touch

Not by the heights the skies stretch to
But in the height at which every hand hangs
Each one on the same level

Not in the depths of the oceans and seas
But in the depths of our hearts
Our capacity for compassion and love

No, miracles are what we breathe every day
And everything therein and beyond is simply God


For the Butterflies

She closes her eyes when they kiss her
But her hormones race faster than her heart
And soon she lies alone at night

She smiles when they say I love you
Because her loneliness speaks louder than love
And soon she dines alone again

She walks down the same city street each day
Her feet blistering inside her business-casual heels
Wondering where she went wrong

She closes her eyes when they kiss her
Because their faces are ugly, but their embrace is warm
And she never lies alone at night

She smiles when they say I love you
But her insides are turning over and again
And she never dines alone again, or pays

She misses those walks down that old city street
Her feet still blister, now squeezed in spike heels
Wondering where she went wrong

She closes her eyes when he kisses her
Because her heart is nearly beating out of her chest
And she never lies alone at night

She smiles when he says I love you
But she’s never felt butterflies like this before
And she never dines alone again, or pays

She holds his hand as they walk down city streets
Her feet fast-paced to match his long stride
Wondering what she ever did to deserve this

She closes her eyes and gently kisses him
But his lips are cold and he doesn’t kiss back
And now she lies alone at night

She smiles and says I love you
Because her love speaks louder than her loneliness
And now she dines alone again

She still reaches for his hand as she walks the city streets
Her feet blistering under her business-casual heels
Wondering what she ever did to deserve this



There was once a fortress
Guarded on every side by castle walls rumored to stretch to the sky
The highest walls ever known to mankind
Walls a thousand armies couldn’t penetrate

Those who knew what once did lie within the boundaries
Could be counted on one hand
The entering and exiting of civilians was unheard of
The occasional wounded escaped
Blabbering on some nonsense of “nothing worth seeing beyond these gates”

Legend has it, a time came when one curious individual bravely approached
Drawn to this place, with unexplainable passion
For reasons not known to him or any who knew or knew of him
And simply knocked

Upon his knocking, the doors were opened to him
Now before him was full access to a whole new world
Written about by poets far before his time
Contemplated by the deepest thinkers
The reality of this place held endless possibilities

A plethora of opportunities lay strewn before his thought-raced mind
Yet, for what seemed an eternity, he stood in disbelief
Relishing in the realization
That he had unlocked a mystery sought after by countless individuals
Feared by equal numbers, perhaps even greater

Beauty like this had never met his eyes before this moment
This loss for words to describe such a sight was an experience in and of itself
Still, somehow he placed one foot in front of the other, intrigued
In search of something more, deeper into the realm of the unknown
Miles of unexplored territory beckoning to him on a first name basis

And all the great scientists desired to understand
What formula yielded the unveiling of such mystery
To such unworthy eyes as his

And all the great explorers envied his discoveries
What knowledge yielded the revealing of this path for a coveted journey such as this
To such a simpleton as he

And all the great warriors were baffled by
What little kindness yielded the levelling of said fortress
To such naive tactics as his

O, how seldom we comprehend
But how elegant these masks we bear
Holiness and wisdom for all to see
Judgmental arrogance and hypocrisy concealed within
Our reputations buried safely beneath the intricacies of design
Sealed at never too high a cost

It was previously unthinkable that such a dreary land
Possessed beauty unsurpassed by anything worthy of a mass-produced brochure
But every preconceived idea of this legendary place
Crumbled under the truth of his findings

Many theorize the lack of this legendary fortress’ discovery
Can be contributed to the very lack of its existence
In any frame of time and space continuum
Perhaps it’s simply far too much for their troubled minds to grasp

Others rebuke such ignorant dismissal
Of places and things beyond our understanding

Some reason the fortress lies hidden
Buried beneath an ocean of tears
Shed by the queen the day her explorer retreated
A very real place for all of us

They never understood before now
That scars are the result of deep wounding
And all the ugliness she embodies
Is matched ten-fold by the beauty of her heart
Beauty unfathomed by the blinded eyes of the believers
Their vision blurred by years of assumption and a lack of compassion

Lesson of the day:
Blackened, calloused hearts are built to protect the most tender of cores
More often than not
And truly beautiful people at times deem it necessary
To hide behind a rough exterior, and countless other barriers

But amongst the cold and hating souls
Is a lover waiting to learn to love
A soldier longing to be taught to fight
An artist yearning to be shown to sculpt

No wall is un-penetrable
No person un-lovable
No mystery un-explainable
No heart un-mendable
No, nothing is beyond accomplishment
Not for the Architect


when in peril, write emo songs

crisis in kosovo (i mean tulsa)

by: brent and leanna (stranded. in tulsa. alone. without hope. brokenhearted. etc. etc. etc.)

so i'm sitting here
alone on my couch
only i'm not really alone
and it's not my couch
and some dude's sleeping
not too far away

stuck in tulsa
with an empty coin purse
smoke billowing from the hood of my car
agony billowing from the depths of my heart
and i think everybody hates me
especially that guy sleeping soundly in his bed
not too far away

home is so far off
i dont even know where i'm at right now
wearing the same clothes as yesterday
perspiration flowing from my brow
and some dude's sleeping
not too far away

stuck in tulsa
with an empty coin purse
power draining from my phone battery
hope draining from my once supercharged heart
my world is crashing down around me
and i remember once thinking, home... it's
not too far away