Dressed to Kill

My body is my ammunition
Your charm is your rebutt
Arousing your lust is my specialty
Heartbreak is your weapon of choice

Set the board
The game is on
We'll write the rules as we go along
Await in anticipation to see who holds the last battle cry

Seduction is my Plan A
Subtlety is your defense
Your lingering longer is a task I can achieve
Commitment is the fleeting mask you bear

We're both fighting for something
You seek a satisfaction so temporary
I desire a deeper fulfillment
Such an unexpected, cunning rivalry

Deception is my ammunition
Hypocrisy is your rebutt
Teasing and taunting are my specialty
Shady disinterest is your weapon of choice

You've been led on and dismissed
Flesh was not created to be a trophy
Vengeance and victory never tasted so sweet
I hope it's hard to swallow, love

You're such a fool


Your Fatal Kiss

My heart is drowning in the waves of your lies
Laced with your fatal kiss
Innocence was your weapon of choice
Oh, how sweetly oblivious you were to it in the beginning
Corruption molded you into a destroyer of worlds
I watched mine crumble as I knelt before you


So many promises of forever tossed to the wind
Released with your last goodbye
Judgement was your weapon of choice
Oh, how deeply it cut me to hear the things you believed of me
Assumptions molded you into a breaker of hearts
I felt mine shatter as I wept in your arms


My hope is dwindling in the absence of your love
Excused with your phony reasons
Selfishness was your weapon of choice
Oh, how spiritually you justified your anger
Deception molded you into an abuser of love
I saw mine subside as I pushed you away




Suffocating Love

Inside your arms the world disappeared
As your warmth enveloped me, so did peace
My smile faded as I felt the breeze
I reached for you, a moment too late
Your heart left me yesterday

Did my presence no longer calm you?
My scent no longer bring a sigh?
Was it because I stole all the covers at night?
Because I was too much? Or too little?
Or was it really too good to be true?

My only proof of our existence is faded memories
Of smiles and silence that screamed with laughter
Waking up next to you and making your bed while you were in the shower
Helping you dress as an excuse to wrap my arms around you and breathe you in
Of a kiss that melted my soul

Life pulls at us from distant angles
Tearing us apart piece by piece
If only I'd have seen it from the beginning
I might have lingered longer
You might not have forgotten who I was
Love might not have suffocated in my selfishness

I've always consider myself impervious to fate
But now I find myself praying to it
Praying to bring you back to me
That our paths would cross again
The passion be reignited, the love rekindled