Touch, Brush Sanity's Edge

Five senses' behavior become erratic when you're within inches of me

What is it about you that drives me mad?

You flash that bright smile at me and I can't help but wonder what you see in me

Average is a good choice for the description of me

I don't possess beauty, I'm not overly intellegent, I don't excel in any way

Yet I hear your heart race when I'm close to you

Stop. This is heaven. I don't know if I can bear you

Searching for your flaw, there has to be something

Something that's going to shatter my worn heart

I've never felt so safe as I feel in your arms

Your touch drives me to the edge of sanity

Ordinary has escaped my vocabulary and life has taken on a new level of gorgeous

Tomorrow can only bring hope, I will greet it with a smile

Excitement fills my heart as I embark on a new journey

Of self discovery, on the path leaving loneliness

I've forgotten who I was, I will always remember who you are