Forgetfulness is carelessness.

Erase all your memories of us.

Quite careless you are...

Derived from your accusations towards me

I hope you're happy now that you've driven me away

I wonder if you'll ever point the finger at yourself for a change

Then again, I doubt every mirror in the world pointed at you couldn't open your eyes

Thank you for teaching me responsibility and humility

I will never be like you


...is what infiltrates my mind

When anger meets rage

And my soul begins to decay

Before my very eyes

All the love I know slips away

Blind from emotion I wander aimlessly

Without purpose

Empty without You

Hatred is what infiltrates my mind

Without You

Stop the rage

Stop the decay

Oh, Daddy, make it stop


Best Friends

Bear false witness with your innocent smile

Unleash the devil in you the minute my back turns away

My eyes will never avert from you, so take caution

Every move you make, I observe

Every lie you tell pushes me farther away from you

Hypocrisy beams from you, I see through your act

Let's laugh together like best friends do

Throw your arms around me and shove your knife in my back

Oh, how it tickles

You will never take what is mine


Brink of Death

Cut me deeper than the last

Your weapons sharpen with each victory over me

Or is that my weakness prevailing over my srength

Moreso with each blast

The scars from wounds before didn't heal wholly

I can feel them breaking beneath you

The sting of your breath is more than I can bear

When you strike again, I don't think I can stand

I pray for the worst, for it all to be over

You know how to burn within an inch of death

And not cross the line

You know how to inflict maximum suffering

Without the peace the end of me brings

You make me long for it

I want to be put out of my misery

Yet all I can do is lie here and take it on again

With a knife in my back

My flesh covered in blood and signs of past struggles

I feel so ugly, all that's left is scarring

All that's left is memories of each time I fought you

I give up this time

If I give you your victory, maybe this all will end

Please God, I want to end


Bittersweet Ignorance

Your presence is poison

Seeping deeper every moment you're around

I'd rather my heart stopped beating when you're near

You ask me to stay for a while

As I pray for a while

Decay for a while

Like acid eating through my very soul

I don't believe a word you say

Your truth and kindness is laced with lies and deceit

I see past the facade

Ignorance kept me bittersweet

Now I've been around too long

It's time for me to be disposed of

Because your sugar coating is all but dissolved

You've gone sour and stale

And all that's left of bittersweet ignorance

Is dried seeds of bitterness ground into the dirt

Waiting for the nourishment of my tears

So that they can grow their strength

And find new prey

It won't be me again

Don't ask me to stay for a while

I'll pray for a while

As you decay for a while

I hope your next victim starves you of the satisfaction you never got from me

I hope you choke on your next prey

And never bite again