life is a challenge. what comes out of it all depends on what we put into it, put our trust in, and how we take things. it depends on whether our motives are pure, and our hearts compassionate. if we focus so long on the things torn out of our grasp, we never see the things coming down the road of hope, if we spend so much time on our appearance, we never notice our potential and true beauty. if we spend all our time adjusting, we will never fit in. if we spend every second wondering what feels right, we will never accomplish what is right. if we spend all of our time thinking, we will never find the answer. if we spend so much time asking, we will never have the time to receive. sometimes we just need to take things as they come at us, and lay them down in the hands of our lord, and let him take care of us. after all, life is a challenge, but the challenge isn't whether or not we can handle it, but if we can handle trusting the lord to do the best for us. he is the master, our father, our entire universe. the challenge is knowing we are not apt to handle all things, and to use prayer as a necessary tool to contemplate the issues of life, and do what the lord has ordered.