Free Forever

The Lord is calling me.
I can hear His voice,
Faint as a whisper.
Change is a virtue within my grasp,
Yet I run to the one
Who delights in my misery.

I put my life in the hands
Of him who is out to defeat me
And wonder why I fall.

Until I lose all strength,
And finally I trust in what I know is true.
My eyes are opened,
And I realize what I've done.
I turn my heartand walk
Towards the goals of the Most High.

I strive, and reach,
Towards the truth that stands forever.
I see my answer,
Jesus is before me with hand outstretched,
And I know I am free,
Free forever.


my god.

when i feel like nothing,
you let me know i'm everything to you.
when i feel like i'm drowning in a world of hate,
you lift me up to walk on the lake of faith.

when i feel lost,
you give me direction.
you are my counselor, my father, my friend.

when i feel like quiting,
you give me the strength to endure,
and persevere,
to press on,
only by your power.

you are my night and day,
my every second,
my every move,
my every heartbeat.
you are all that i am.

you gave a love to the world,
the ultimate sacrifice,
only to have this world deny your existence,
your right to be,
but you are.
you are everything,
my everything.