As the Clouds

As I stare at the clouds,
I see how freely they float.
They so not suffer.
They cry away all their wrongs
And soar, with beauty,

How I wish that I
Were as the clouds,
Flying high
Wherever I wish to go.

How I long to feel
As the clouds must feel,
Nothing there
To weigh me down.

How I would fly,
High into the sky
Into your loving arms,
Where you would comfort me,
And hold me in your hands
For eternity.



he came to this earth with a secret ambition: to die for us.
he was made to wear a crown of thorns upon his head.
he was tortured but for a few hours, but so brutally
he was unrecognizable.
he went through an extremely agonizing death.
he died so we could have eternal life.
he died to save us from eternal damnation.
he died for us and he loves us somuch.
he went through all that pain for OUR sins.
he will forgive our wrongs the second we ask. and while
he hung on that cross,
he was thinking of us. our faces were lingering in
his mind, and all
he can do...
is love us.