i don't really know when i wrote this, other than that it was in '99. and for english class.

Amazing how cold you can feel on a one-hundred degree afternoon, or how hot you can feel on a zero degree night. Betrayal, whether it be words, thoughts, or someone's actions, stirs some of the strongest emotions in life; guilt, anger, love, and hatred. A person who feels nothing after betrayal is a person with no heart.

Betrayal is everywhere from the grocery store to the place you call home. Have you ever betrayed your best friend, watched her heart be torn apart by the man of her dreams, then seen the smile on his face as he kissed you? Have you ever wanted something so badly, even had it within your grasp, and then watched it be snatched out of your hands after you were so close? Have you ever trusted a person who then put you through unbearable pain? Betrayal exists through human nature, for brother will betray brother until death. There has never lived a man who has never felt the pain of betrayal. In fact, I anticipate the day I die and meet the only one who has never held the guilty end of the stick.