summer love.

he was always the type with something funny to say.
i never saw his sweet love side until that one summer day.
he told me he loved me, and i was shocked and surprised.
but, i could tell it was true fromt he sparkle in his eyes.
he made me tell him i loved him back.
if he didn't know, he wouldn't ask.
when he finally popped the question, i jumped at the chance
to get myself a little summer romance
it's hard to say what i saw in him,
it wasn't because he was fat or slim.
it wasn't because of his marvelous looks,
or even because he was good with the books.
all i knew was the way he could start
the furious beating of my tender heart
from just the sight of that adorable face
to the gentleness of his warm embrace.
all the things he said made me flattered,
but that's all gone now, my heart's been shattered.
and now every time i spot a dove,
i always think of that one summer love.