i loved him.

i had always loved him, though i could not admit
inside my heart i had a special place for him.
he loved me, too, i know for a fact,
for when i flirted, he flirted right back.
i always wanted him to be mine.
to me, he seemed oh so divine.
but one drawback: he had his girl.
just thinking of them made me want to hurl.
eventually i got so jealous,
i just couldn't love any other fellas.
i truly knew he was a good guy,
if he ever hated me, i think i'd cry.
i dreamed of him most every night,
just all too perfect, felt so right.
but, now he must not feel that way,
for when we make eye contact, he turns away.
the love he once felt for me
must be gone now, this i see.
but, at least we are friends,
and for now, that's the end.